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Instant Access

Introducing: Instant Access

Instant Access, Northark College Store’s all-new digital course materials delivery program provides you access to online course materials that you’d otherwise purchase inside the store or on a publisher’s website – like textbooks and courseware – but at significantly discounted prices.

The instructors for the following courses chose to participate in IA, so you can get the required materials at the lowest possible cost.

  • BA-1213
  • BA-1103
  • BA-1003
  • BA-2733
  • BA-2143
  • BIOL-2014
  • BIOL-1014
  • BIOL-1144
  • BIOL-1004
  • BIOL-1434
  • BIOL-2214
  • CHEM-1214
  • CIS-1333
  • CIS-1343
  • CIS-1253
  • CIS-1103
  • CIS-2713
  • GEOL-1014
  • MAT-1223
  • MM-2003
  • MM-2413
  • MM-2003
  • PHSC-1004

This also means you will have immediate access to your digital materials for a free trial period through the opt-out dateline. After that date, your student account will be charged the Northark College Store’s discounted price.

If you do not want to purchase these materials through IA, you may opt-out through the link in Canvas. If you opt out by the course-drop date, your student account will not be charged. 

For questions about IA, visit RedShelf’s Solve webpage at or contact the Northark College Store and a team member will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!